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Whether you're looking for tips on buying flowers, making party centerpieces on a budget, how to create unusual floral arrangements or easy flowers for all occasions, or even the most beautiful get well soon flowers to send, you've come to the right place. I'm Linda Estill, the Do-It-Yourself Florist, and as a certified florist and event planner in the Bay area of California, let me welcome you to my FREE "flower school."

If you're just getting started and need to know everything from how to buy flowers and make them last longer, to supplies that you'll need, go to the Beginners' Guide page where you'll find a brief video. Learn how to make flowers in a vase look like they were delivered by the florist on the Step by Step page. You'll find FREE centerpiece ideas, tips for making tall flower arrangements, short flower arrangements, large flower arrangements and small flower arrangements, flowers for you, flowers for gifts, traditional floral designs to contemporary floral designs, most with complete instructions and pictures, all on my designs page. You'll discover how easy it is to make these beautiful floral arrangements and more:

Also check out my Flickr Album for over 80 photos of other festive flower arrangements.

In this video clip, I show Melissa Crowley and Guy Farris of "Sacramento & Company" how to use the container-inside-a-container trick to make this easy floral arrangement that would make a fantastic baby shower centerpiece or yummy Valentine's Day bouquet. Use all white marshmellows for a bridal shower or eye-catching wedding centerpiece.Find special offers and get free shipping.


Here's another segment from "Sacramento & Company", where I show you how to have fun with your kids and flowers.

And in this clip from "The View from the Bay" you'll find some clever ideas for "guy geared" arrangements.(Sorry about the brief ad...out of my control).

AND you can learn to create almost 60 fun and easy flower designs with my book, complete with step-by-step flower arranging instructions and detailed photos. Compare it to other books with fewer designs and hardly any instructions and you'll agree that it's a terrific buy at only $15.95. You can also get it as an ebook if you prefer for only $12.95. If you can look at pictures, you can arrange flowers like a pro! It's like having floristry classes at your fingertip. Flowers Made Simple is the perfect gift, too! Who doesn't like flowers?

You'll learn to create clever and unique floral designs like these:

book excerpt

A one-of-a kind gift for:

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DVD Collections

If you prefer live instruction, you may want to consider purchasing one or both of my brand new DVD collections. Each set sells for $24.95 and contains almost 2 hours of live, step-by-step lessons. These make a great gift for all flower lovers. And they're a tiny fraction of what floral arrangement classes or floral design school would cost!

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1. The Grocery Store Bouquet
2. Fun with Floral Foam
3. Fun with Organics
4. Everything's Coming Up Roses



1. Hooray for Pahvay!
2. First Lady Flowers
3. Party Time!
4. Hardware and Nature's Softwa

Learn the secrets of the pros and how to be your own Do-It-Yourself Florist!

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"It's always hard to find the perfect gift but I know your book will be a hit, based on all the fun ideas I get from your web site." Linda Nowlen